Friday, December 22, 2006 7:12 PM bart

TAOCP Volume 4 - Bits and bools sneak preview

Readers of my blog do know my personal interest in this master piece of Donald Knuth (shame of you if you don't know the name). The least you can say is that TAOCP is a long-running project, so I'm always excited to see evolution. A couple of days ago Mr. Knuth published a few "pre-fascicles" (call it a CTP or beta - whatever you want) of Volume 4 (see news page for accurate links):

  • Boolean Basics
  • Boolean Evaluation
  • Bitwise Tricks and Techniques

So, if you're interested in some core fundamentals of computer science, go ahead and read it. I hope to find enough time next month to read it in more depth myself. I assume you already have your copy of volumes 1 to 3 on your shelf. If you've been playing with the MIX language (before being replaced by MMIX), there's a correlation with .NET as well, through Rutger's MixEmul.

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