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  • LINQ to SharePoint Alpha for Orcas RTM is here

    I'm happy to announce you the availability of LINA to SharePoint Alpha, ready for VS2008 and .NET Framework 3.5 RTM. Read the full details on the LINQ to SharePoint team blog.
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 2007/11/29
  • Microsoft Parallel Extensions to .NET Framework 3.5 December 2007 CTP

    We just released the CTP of the Microsoft Parallel Extensions to .NET Framework 3.5 (remember PLINQ?). You can grab the bits over here . Stay tuned for more technical posts on it. Enjoy!
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 2007/11/29
  • LINQ to Active Directory (formerly known as LINQ to LDAP) is here

    Within a few seconds from now I'll hit the "Publish This Project" button in CodePlex. Back in the early Orcas ages (beta 1 and before) I cooked up this pretty simple example showing how to create custom LINQ query providers . As a matter of fact, it was the result of a blog series back...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 2007/11/25
  • LINQSQO goes RTM

    I just released the RTM bits of LINQSQO on CodePlex . This project was one of my first LINQ-related ones and goes back to the early PDC 05 days where LINQ was first shown to the world. The project contains a custom implementation of the LINQ Standard Query Operators used in LINQ. More specifically, it's...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 2007/11/22
  • LINQ-SQO v0.9.2 (for Orcas Beta 2) RTW

    With the advent of Orcas Beta 2 earlier this week, it's about time to ship an update to the LINQ-SQO project. You can download the 0.9.2 release right now from CodePlex at http://www.codeplex.com/LINQSQO . The goal of this project is to provide a custom implementation of the LINQ to Objects Standard...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 2007/07/28
  • Get rid of your CAML - Download LINQ to SharePoint alpha

    It's there. After three weeks of hard work, I'm proud to tell you about the availability of LINQ to SharePoint alpha . Read more about it on the team blog at http://community.bartdesmet.net/blogs/linqtosharepoint/archive/2007/07/20/the-0-2-2-alpha-interim-release-an-overview.aspx . If...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 2007/07/20
  • LINQ to SharePoint team blog

    The last couple of weeks my blog has been filled with LINQ to SharePoint stuff. Because of the project dimensions today and in the near future, it was decided to branch off all the LINQ to SharePoint stuff to the LINQ to SharePoint team blog . That's right, it says " team blog" since LINQ...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 2007/07/06
  • LINQ to SharePoint - Improving the parser == debugger visualizer fun

    Welcome back to what's going to end up as "LINQ to SharePoint: The Cruel Sequel" :-). The last couple of days, LINQ to SharePoint has been a full-time job and the result is getting better and better build after build. In this post, I'd like to highlight another feature that was planned...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 2007/07/05
  • LINQ to SharePoint - Introducing SPML

    In today's post I'd like to introduce a new concept that will be introduced in LINQ to SharePoint v0.3: SPML or the SharePoint Mapping Language. It didn't make it for the 0.2 release due to time restrictions, but tonight the first portion of the POC code has been checked in to CodePlex. So...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 2007/07/01
  • LINQ to SharePoint alpha v0.2 available

    Two months after the appearance of the 0.1.2 alpha release of LINQ to SharePoint , I'm proud to announce the availability of the 0.2 alpha release . If you can't wait any longer, here's the direct link to the release page . Q: So, what's new in this release? A: A bunch! No seriously,...
    Posted to Weblog by bart on 2007/06/29
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